Call Centers

We have technological solutions for your call center, with the flexibility, efficiency and simplicity of the cloud. Advanced tools and easy integration with your systems.

Digital Solutions for Call Centers

Today call centers have technological needs that help them to be more profitable and much more efficient. At Comunycarse we offer advanced technology for companies that use their telephones intensively. With customized solutions, both for large call centers and for those companies that have their small customer service department.

Our technology helps call centers to be more successful with the use of an IP telephony infrastructure, with recording calls for training and management of operators, as well as transcription and voice analysis tools (Speech Analytics). We can help operators to be more efficient, reduce costs in large infrastructures, maintenance or calls, and earn quality service for your customers.

Featured Solutions for Call Centers

Telefonía IP / Cisco

Cisco IP Telephony and Wifi

Optimize and get the best value in collaboration solutions; with a secure infrastructure, flexible, profitable and without the need to make large investments…

Grabación de Interacciones

Call Recording and Interactions Archiving

The most advanced technological solution for the total or selective recording of calls, SMS, Fax, eMail, agent screen, video call and other interactions…

Analítica de Voz / Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics

We can transcribe and analyze millions of calls to discover information about customers and improve employee performance…

“The Unified Communications project was necessary to carry out new procedures that would facilitate a better adaptation of the technological framework to the productivity and daily efficiency of the Quando Group.”

Conrado López Sánchez

Quando Deputy Director Group

Comunycarse Network Consultants

After more than 20 years specialized in design, implementation, management and maintenance of technology and digitalization projects, Comunycarse has evolved to become the leading company in “as a service” communication solutions in Spain.

Pioneers and experts in the use and development of platforms in the cloud, having been certified as Technology Advanced Partners of Amazon Web Services, enabled for the Public Sector.