Call Recording and Interactions Archiving

The most advanced technological solution for total or selective recording of calls, SMS, Fax, eMail, agent screen, video call and other interactions.


Recording Calls for Companies

Recordia is a multi-platform convergent call and interaction recording service, which records landlines, mobile phones, emails, faxes and SMS, among other interactions. We help large companies and SMEs to capture, record, encrypt and store any interaction safely.

Record easily and efficiently under the Pay-Per-Use (SaaS) model. Record all interactions, save them for as long as necessary and easily retrieve them in a searchable format.

The service can also include the automatic transcription of calls, and later apply analysis that transforms the interactions into valuable data. The system can also be equipped with learning technology, which will make it easier to make predictions and find hidden results and ideas.

Also, our call recording solution is capable of recording mobiles independently of their operator, with different configurations according to needs.

Recordia integrates with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to incorporate the interactions that have been made with customers in your CRM. Without using or consuming the storage capacity of your CRM.

Solution for Recording Interactions

  • Global: Solution in the cloud with the ability to record locally or internationally, in one or several branches at a time
  • Scalable: Small businesses and large corporations can scale at any time as needed with financial predictability
  • Unified: All recordings converge on an intuitive and easy-to-use platform. Search easily between people, interactions or specific keywords
  • Centralized: Combines, stores, searches and analyzes all your recording through a centralized interface, for greater ease and convenience
  • Legal Compliance: Legal compliance with European, American and international regulations (Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, GDPR, PCI-DSS, CCPA) PDF Document – GDPR Compliance Statement

Effortless Microsoft Teams Compliance with Recordia® Recording Solution

Record all Microsoft Teams communications easily with Recordia®, the comprehensive cloud-based recording solution. Overcome compliance issues by capturing audio, video, screen sharing, and chat modalities securely and centrally. With a unified and integrated interface, automated recording announcements, and on-demand recording, ensure regulatory compliance seamlessly within Microsoft Teams.

Recordia® adapts and scales quickly, providing secure storage, centralized recordings, indexed interactions, and customizable user privileges. Ensure compliance, eliminate manual processes, and seamlessly integrate recording into your Microsoft Teams platform with Recordia®.

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    Multimedia Recording

    Integrates digitally or analogically with your switchboard, takes advantage of the information from your CTI server if it is available, records the agents’ screens.


    Integrated with IP telephony platforms such as Cisco, Unify, Avaya, Asterisk and Alcatel, among others.


    Guarantees call recordings with secure links and sophisticated encryption algorithms, protecting against unauthorized access.

    “Comunycarse provides us the tool we needed at Gas Natural Fenosa for the total call register in our emergency center, thus guaranteeing the safety of our customers and our company…”

    Luis Miguel Sanchez

    Director of New Technologies in Naturgy