Industry and Energy

Asset-intensive companies, such as those in the Industry and Energy sector, have their specific challenges when managing the life of assets and the communications of their employees.

Solutions for Industry and Energy

In Comunycarse we have technological solutions and services: software, systems and communications, which help companies with the automation, control and supervision of their infrastructures, physical spaces, transport and employees. Our solutions are integrated into existing systems, managing to centralize information and allowing more agile responses.

Our solutions for Industry and Energy are based on the analysis and automation of the security of assets and people, as well as the requirements of unified communications.

Featured Solutions for Industry and Energy

Sistema integral de seguridad (PSIM)

Integral Control and Management Systems

Allows its employees, suppliers, infrastructures and events to be integrated in a single platform, from multiple devices and solutions (including mobile phones), GPS tracking, CAD…

“We chose Comunycarse’s Video Management Software to create a surveillance system that better protects our staff and infrastructure from possible damage.”

Ana Belén Sánchez

Industrial Safety Director

Comunycarse Network Consultants

After more than 20 years specialized in design, implementation, management and maintenance of technology and digitalization projects, Comunycarse has evolved to become the leading company in “as a service” communication solutions in Spain.

Pioneers and experts in the use and development of platforms in the cloud, having been certified as Technology Advanced Partners of Amazon Web Services, enabled for the Public Sector.