Speech Analytics Solution

We can transcribe and analyze millions of calls to discover information about customers and improve employee performance.

Speech Analytics for Companies

Analyzing the calls of your customers is the best way to understand how your business is performing. 92% of all interactions with customers occur over the phone and the information you access through the recording of calls can become a gold mine by obtaining information about customer satisfaction, turnover, employee performance, campaign effectiveness and service problems, among many others.

Reviewing and analyzing calls manually unsophisticated and not realistic. With our voice analysis solution you can transcribe and analyze 100% of recorded calls generate valuable information. You can also identify and automatically analyze keywords, phrases of interest, categories and topics discussed during calls in order to reveal trends, concerns and opportunities.

Solution in Speech Analytics

  • Improve employee performance with specific data from recording
  • Discover information about customers regarding problems with the company, satisfaction, marketing campaigns and competitive intelligence
  • Reduce dissatisfaction by discovering the root cause and predict the at risk clients
  • Improve quality level when reviewing large samples and specific call types
  • Offer training to operators and employees by analyzing their relative performance

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    Call Transcript

    The solution transcribes conversations with your customers in digital format.


    It is capable of searching information among millions of calls. Get search results in a matter of minutes.

    Customer Insights

    Discover customer opinions thanks to the tool’s suggestions.

    “Communicating gives us the tools we need to improve the quality of service throughout our organization.”

    Ana María Villanueva Ramiro

    Supervisor, Call Center in-company