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In the entertainment sector new technologies contribute to make the experience of people more accessible, satisfactory and safe.

Digital Solutions for Tourism, Events and Entertainment

In tourism, events and leisure in general, technology plays an increasingly important role in the profitability and safety of people. When there is massive participation of people in a specific place, technology becomes necessary to control gauging, manage queues, establish approximation marketing strategies, and have the ability to respond quickly to any threat or situation.

The crossing and collection of valuable information and data will be a great opportunity for companies as they will be able to make important decisions about the behavior and consumption habits of people, as well as guarantee the security. Of the people who participate in large scale events.

Featured Solutions for Tourism, Events and Entertainment

Aplicación de Seguridad Personal

Personal Safety Application

Security management and dispatch of events for companies, shopping centers, public places, etc. They consist of a centralized control post and a mobile application…

“To have these technological tools when developing huge events is fundamental for proximity marketing campaigns and to make these events much safer.”

Iván Garcia Sosa

General Director in Event Producer

Comunycarse Network Consultants

After more than 20 years specialized in design, implementation, management and maintenance of technology and digitalization projects, Comunycarse has evolved to become the leading company in “as a service” communication solutions in Spain.

Pioneers and experts in the use and development of platforms in the cloud, having been certified as Technology Advanced Partners of Amazon Web Services, enabled for the Public Sector.