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In Comunycarse®, we are dedicated to enhancing corporate communication through innovative, secure, and efficient cloud solutions. With a focus on the development and implementation of SaaS Cloud solutions, we ensure maximum privacy and security for our clients, enabling them to improve their efficiency, productivity, and regulatory compliance.

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Powered by AI and designed with maximum security in mind, Recordia® is a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution that is easy to use and extracts conversational intelligence from voice.

Gain valuable insights from all your omnichannel interactions and make smart decisions to improve your business performance.

  • Recording and custody of interactions.
  • Voice and sentiment analysis with AI.
  • Voice Biometrics Authentication.

The easy, secure, and scalable cloud fax solution enables businesses to effortlessly send and receive faxes via email to anyone, from any device or location with internet access.

  • Create your own international fax network to connect businesses worldwide.
  • Advanced communication features for increased security.
  • Compliance with the most important regulations.
  • Available in Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams markets.

Security and Compliance

Maximum security for all your solutions

At Comunycarse®, we understand the importance of safeguarding your company’s and your customers’ data.

We create solutions committed to the highest security standards to help businesses comply with the most demanding international regulations and ensure that information remains protected at all times.


Adapting to your needs

Our cloud-based solutions are flexible and easy to integrate.

They adapt to the communication and solution needs of businesses to facilitate daily tasks and increase the efficiency of their systems and staff, through their set of APIs and an open and flexible architecture.

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