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Find out why most of the IBEX 35 companies and more than 9,000 SMEs trust us since 1992. Unified communications solutions, integrated control and management systems and digital security.

Our Solutions

Call Recording and Interactions Archiving

The most advanced technological solution for total or selective recording of calls, SMS, Fax, eMail, display agent, video call and other interactions…

Speech Analytics

We can transcribe and analyze millions of calls to discover customer information and improve employee performance…

Virtual Fax Service

Over 20 years as the best solution for sending and receiving automatic Fax and SMS directly from your email…

Cisco IP Telephony and Wifi

Optimize and get the best cost in collaboration solutions. With a secure infrastructure, flexible, profitable and without the need to make large investments…

Integrated control and management systems

It allows to integrate in a single platform, multiple devices and solutions, including mobile phones, GPS tracking, CAD and communications, facial recognition software…

Personal Safety Application

Security management and event dispatching for companies, shopping malls, public places, etc. They consist of a centralized control post and a mobile application…

Technological Reference for Our Clients

More than 9,000 clients from all sectors: Public Administration, Banking, Insurance, Communications and Industry

“Comunycarse Recording System is the tool we needed in Gas Natural Fenosa for the Total Call Registry in our Emergency Center. We guarantee the safety of our customers and our company.”

Luis Miguel Sánchez

Director of New Technologies,

iberdrola client
mapfre client
cliente Perez Llorca
Soporte Técnico de Comunycarse

Dedicated support 24h 7 days a week

We have a customer support center that will resolve your questions and problems 24×7. If you are a customer and still do not have your access information for the support center contact us at +34 902 151 308

Comunycarse Network Consultants

After more than 20 years specialized in design, implementation, management and maintenance of technology and digitalization projects, Comunycarse has evolved to become the leading company in “as a service” communication solutions in Spain.

Pioneers and experts in the use and development of platforms in the cloud, having been certified as Technology Advanced Partners of Amazon Web Services, enabled for the Public Sector.


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