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Stimulate sales and improve customer experience. Welcome to the new generation of store analytics.

Analytics in Physical Spaces in Interiors and Exteriors

Know the number of people circulating in a certain area such as a street, shop, museum, shopping center, concert, among others, as well as the capacity of people within a site and the average duration of visits. It also provides in real time the number of people at the site and includes an alarm system that is activated when the capacity exceeds the value that has been established to ensure the safety of visitors.

The most complete parameterization of the queues: cash registers, counters, sample areas, etc. It provides traffic of people per queue, average size, average waiting time in queue and the number of dropouts. It provides real-time data on how many people form the queue and includes an alarm system that is activated when the queue exceeds the size that has been set, allowing the administrator to avoid long queues by reinforcing personnel or opening more registers.

Solution in Analytics in Physical Spaces

  • Meet clients recurrence and unique visitors
  • Understand if they buy as a group, family, alone, etc
  • Conversion rate of tickets vs. street traffic
  • Demographic segmentation: Gender and age

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