The most complete and advanced cybersecurity solution in the industry; unified, automated and orchestrated to provide cyber intelligence.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Companies

Our solution is an integrated platform in advance, driven by intelligence, which marks the beginning of a new era in cybersecurity. Instead of reacting to the latest attack, the solution allows security operations centers to counteract attacks as they happen.

By orchestrating and automating the intelligence between detection, forensic analysis, investigation and response, the solution brings the full history of the offensive within the reach of analysts, which allows better decisions to be made and the situation to be remedied more quickly.

The Comunycarse solution monitors payloads, networks and extreme points, and automatically defends attacks in the offensive cycle. Multiple detection engines send risk indicators to a central brain for analysis and validation after data crossing to reduce false positives. An automated forensic investigation whose patent is pending transforms thousands of alerts into dozens of incidents, where each of them is complete with the history of the attack and recommendations to respond to the incident.

Benefits of the Cybersecurity Solution

  • Simplify cyber Investigations
  • Fast and accurate detection
  • Reduces noise and false positives
  • Flexible and open architecture
  • Practical knowledge on the subject

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    The Most Effective System

    This unified and agile platform allows real-time responses to zero-day cyber threats. A criterion of research and automated analysis results in fewer false positives and more efficient operations.

    Reinforcement in Productivity

    Sophisticated fusion and prioritization functionalities work in sync to combine alerts, metadata and intelligence in incidents; accelerating time to detection and ensuring that researchers focus on the biggest and most urgent risks.

    Forensic Analysis

    A full set of forensic tools from network and endpoints allows native access to raw data to gather additional evidence and better understand the source and methods of the attack.

    “Security operations centers must be designed for intelligence and adopt an adaptive security architecture that is context intelligently aware and intelligence-oriented.”


    The Five Characteristics of an Intelligence-Driven
    Security Operations Center