Digital Security

Physical and logical security: Unified, automated and orchestrated to provide intelligence. Integral Security System (PSIM). Personal security application. Security. Web Intelligence (Webint).

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Digital Security for Business

Every day people are more connected, all our devices are connected to help us access a range of services that include communications, purchases and online payments, and electronic government among many others. We know that the advantages of using technologies are endless, but we also have serious consequences, such as cyberattacks and electronic crime that we can not avoid.

The technology we have in Comunycarse also helps to prevent and neutralize threats that materialize in the offline world, with the forensic analysis of the Internet and its deep network, big data, as well as communications in social networks.

Solutions in Digital Security

Sistema integral de seguridad (PSIM)

Integrated control and management systems

It allows to integrate in a single platform, multiple devices and solutions, including mobile phones, GPS tracking, CAD and communications, facial recognition software…

Aplicación de Seguridad Personal

Personal Safety Application

Security management and event dispatching for companies, shopping malls, public places, etc. They consist of a centralized control post and a mobile application…



The most complete and advanced solution in the industry, unified, automated and orchestrated to provide intelligence. It gathers detection, forensic analysis, research…

Inteligencia Web (Webint)

Web Intelligence (Webint)

Compiles and analyzes practically all the web: social networks, blogs, hosting services, news sites, even the deep web and the dark web, generating critical knowledge…

“Companies invest millions in firewalls, encryption and devices to securely access, and money is wasted, because none of these measures fixes the weakest link in the chain…”

Kevin Mitnick

Computer expert, considered the best hackers in history

Comunycarse Network Consultants

After more than 20 years specialized in design, implementation, management and maintenance of technology and digitalization projects, Comunycarse has evolved to become the leading company in “as a service” communication solutions in Spain.

Pioneers and experts in the use and development of platforms in the cloud, having been certified as Technology Advanced Partners of Amazon Web Services, enabled for the Public Sector.