Intelligence in Physical Spaces

Stimulate sales and improve your customers’ experience with in-store and outdoor analytics, and use eddystone beacons to connect with your visitors.

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Intelligence in Physical Spaces (Store Analytics)

The innovation in intelligence in physical spaces every day changes and advances by leaps and bounds, over the years in Comunycarse we have led various projects focused on the analysis of people who visit or transit in the physical spaces of interest: Shops, museums , events, streets, among others, and in proximity marketing strategies with the use of eddystone beacons.

These solutions for the analysis of physical spaces indoors or outdoors provide users with information in a systematic, intuitive and easy to understand, making it easier to make decisions about the results obtained. In addition, company personnel such as managers and supervisors have access to the data through a mobile application to monitor their performance.

Solutions in Intelligence in Physical Spaces

Analytics in Physical Spaces (Store Analytics)

Analytics in Physical Spaces (Store Analytics)

Stimulate sales and improve customer experience. Welcome to the new generation of analytics in stores…

“Technology has accelerated the pace of change and those companies that do not react and transform are at risk of disappearing or being irrelevant in their markets.”

Marta Martínez Alonso

President of IBM Spain, Portugal, Greece and Israel

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