Web Intelligence (Webint)

Compiles and analyzes practically all the web: social networks, blogs, hosting services, news sites, even the deep web and the dark web, generating critical knowledge.

Web Intelligence Solution (Webint)

Our Web Intelligence Solution is very effective in finding and opening hidden sites with anti-detection systems that leave no trace to the research teams. Using managed “web spiders” and avatars with social engineering, the solution of open source intelligence of our solution interacts with the web to provide intelligence that can not be discovered in any other way. These intuitive forensic workflows, designed by intelligence experts, guide you step by step to discover new clues and keep up the progress of research.

Tailored analysis breaks down and enriches intelligence so you can rebuild social circles, interpret emergency events and discover people of interest. Personalized alerts, behavioral profiles and geospatial identification, in addition to many other research tools, helps you get actionable intelligence faster.

Web Intelligence offers 2 routes

  • For completely open source research, the Web Intelligence Center collects and analyzes practically the entire web: social networks, blogs, hosting services, news sites, even the deep web and the dark web, generating critical knowledge, giving focus to its research and detecting objectives.
  • For intelligence in social networks, we offer situational awareness based in the cloud, which listens to, supervises and extracts data from social networks, including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and about people of interest in specific geographic locations.

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    Global Reach

    Regardless of how or where a target accesses the Web, open source intelligence tools collect and analyze the open source data generated by the destination.

    Access to Historical Data

    Unlike common methods of interception which begins data collection only when an order has been issued, open source intelligence tools can build a historical picture of a target’s online activities.

    No Legal Restrictions

    In most countries data that is uploaded to the public Internet is available to everyone and can be investigated and collected without a court order.

    “Security operations centers must be designed intelligently and adopt an adaptive security architecture that is context aware and intelligence-oriented.”


    The Five Characteristics of an Intelligence-Driven
    Security Operations Center