Comunycarse, Digital Transformation & Capital Radio

by | Jun 26, 2017 | Technology News

On Tuesday, June 27th from 10:00-11:00am, Capital Radio has once again asked Comunycarse Network Consultant´s CMO, Victor Magariño to lend his expertise and share his knowledge and reflections to a roundtable discussion on the topic of digital transformation.

The Capital Radio  roundtable is part of a series for a special day focused on enterprises, with special topics that are specifically vital for SMEs.

Victor will be joined by Luis Palacios, Director of Infrastructure at Cisco, Matilde Lorente Director of SMBs at IBM, Jaume Clotet digital services at KPMG, and Fernando Asín Business Manager at Telefónica.

The roundtable´s discussion of digital transformation and how its profound and accelerating conversion of global business practices to leverage the most innovative technologies on the market is evolving in every way towards an economy reliant on technology in all aspects, and in almost all industries. Participants will add opinions and insights into the current state of digital transformation and its effect on businesses today, as well as predictions for the future.

Coming from Comunycarse, a leading Spanish technology company that is at the forefront of digital transformation in the areas of digitalization, security, and business intelligence, Victor has an inside understanding of the industry.  Comunycarse allows companies to transform how they do businesses leveraging innovative technology to create efficiency, cost savings, and to improve security against modern threats, especially those of the cyber variety.

Tune into the program on the dials below, depending on your location, or stream it online at any time after it airs here.