Cybersecurity Breakfast in Comunycarse

by José Luis Pérez June 08, 2017

Cybersecurity Breakfast

Cybercrimes are one of the biggest threats companies face today. Attacks like WannaCry and others can decimate a company´s networks, cause company wide shutdowns, require expensive payouts, and jeopardize sensitive information. Cybercriminals are evolving faster than companies are upgrading their protection, and for that reason Comunycarse hosted a Cyber Breakfast yesterday, June 6th, in partnership with Verint, to discuss ways in which companies can protect themselves.

The purpose of the Cybersecurity Breakfast was to find a way to quell the fears of companies that feel the threat of cyberattacks, and to discuss solutions to guard their companies. Those attending included private security companies, law firms, government administration-both national and local, as well as members from the specialized press.

During the breakfast companies learned about cybersecurity solutions, had the opportunity to see a demo of cybersecurity technology in action, and had a chance to network with other companies.

The most vital information for companies to takeaway is that cyberattacks can come from any angle, can sneak in using the tiniest portal, and are extremely difficult to detect until it´s too late. For that reason a protection system that covers all 5 points that Gartner recommends is essential not only for immediate response to potential threats, but in detecting preventing them in the first place.

Comunycarse is also presenting cyber solutions today in Barcelona. For companies that were unable to attend either event, there will be an upcoming webinar covering the main points of cyber security. Stay tuned for the details.